Rewards4Shoppers is Spam Deluxe

Clinton, Indiana 1 comment

I do not know how I go onto their email list but I am pissed at whoever put me onto that list.

I have made several requests to Rewards4Shoppers to stop sending me these aggravating emails. To date they have not responded beyond their automated message that says your name and email address will be dropped in 7-10 working days. Well that has been going on for 3-4 months now.

I have sent emails asking their advertisers to stop sending me email ads. In response I get more emails from more advertisers.

This company sucks and it is companies like this one that ruin the internet and email. I would not buy from them or any of the advertisers just on principle now. I will pay more rather than shop with these jack ***.


Luverne, Minnesota, United States #3868

Oh my gosh!!What a pain in the *ss it is to get removed from their list!

I have unsubscribed 5 times in the last 2 months and even added them to my Spam list and the emails keep on coming and increase (like you said).

Let me know if you have had any luck getting removed and how you accomplished it.Thanks

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